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Personal Chef Services

I am able to provide many different personal chef services. I will prepare the custom menu, provide all the healthiest and natural (organic if requested) ingredients and produce that are local and sustainable, and come to your place and cook for you. Clean up of course is also included. Services include but are not limited to:

*a private dinner for you and your loved one in your home rather than having to go out to a restaurant to have a gourmet meal.

*a personal or family meal plan for the whole week(s)

*private parties

*special events, occasions, and BBQs (I can throw it down!)

*personalized medical and selective dietary menu

Whenever you are having an intimate, small or large party or gathering or personalized gourmet menu for the week at your home, I will come as your personal chef and caterer to exceed all your expectations and make you try some of the best food you have ever eaten. For the personalized medical and selective dietary menu, I can cook according to your special health needs with special care for seniors and the disabled. I am well versed with diets for people afflicted by numerous ailments with special medical needs including cancer, where I had personal experiences as my own mother battled cancer for many years and I was her personal chef and caregiver. Special diets I can prepare for you include:

* belief based

*vegetarian to semi-vegetarian

*paleo, low-carb

*weight control



*blood type

medical such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, gluten free (celiac), yeast free (candida), lactose free, allergy free, sugar free, blood type and more

Please contact me to get more information on costs, logistics and planning. I am also CA State licensed to sell life and health insurance so my background is cleared with the Dept. of Justice and Homeland security so you can feel safe having me at your home.

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